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Family Friday: How to Have a Long Marriage

Today I’m introducing a new series of posts I’m calling “Family Friday.” Every Friday I’ll post snippets of honest-to-goodness family life. Sometimes it’ll be an anecdote, sometimes a spattering of quotes, maybe a poll I conduct very informally, maybe something else. But it will always have to do with family living, the joys, the pains, … Continue reading

Things My Parents Taught Me

A parent’s job is not an easy one. I know this comes as no shock revelation to anyone but sometimes it bears mentioning again, just as a reminder. My wife and I are entering into a certain period of raising children when the focus becomes less on obeying our rules and more on the reasons for … Continue reading

The Darlington Society (A Thousand Sleepless Nights) Announced!

Before I announce the group, I want to thank everyone who put their name in the hat for The Darlington Society. I love this little group and truly believe God has his hand on it. Narrowing it down is a tough job and not one I take lightly. There are always a few names I … Continue reading

The Most Important YOU!

If you’ve ever read through the Bible, or at least through the Old Testament, you’ve had to deal with 1 Chronicles 1-9. Most people either get bogged down there or skip that portion of Scripture altogether. It’s a literary mud pit, the Biblical equivalent to the dog days of summer. Nine chapters of nothing but … Continue reading

A Note From Mike Dellosso on The Darlington Society

From Mike Dellosso’s blog . . . John Donne wrote, “No man is an island, entire of itself.” That’s true even of writers. I need help and support, wisdom, suggestions. I need prayer and encouragement and, occasionally, rebuking. I fully realize that if I’m going to succeed at this writing thing I’m not going to … Continue reading

The Darlington Society, Season II, Open Call for Membership

Last year I came up with the idea for The Darlington Society. I was feeling a bit overwhelmed with my writing and life in general and decided I needed some support group. 25 charter members were chosen and we spent nine months interacting, encouraging each other, praying, and supporting. They were my A-team and, looking … Continue reading

Open Call for The Darlington Society Coming Soon!

It’s time for an open call for another season of The Darlington Society. What is The Darlington Society? It’s my A-team, a group of readers chosen to help me in this writing journey. And in return, they receive some pretty cool benefits as well. You can read all about it on The Darlington Society page. … Continue reading

Someone Has to Die

A couple years ago I was driving the girls to the store and my seven-year-old saw a man with a prosthetic leg. She stared for a while then said, “Dad, can they give someone a new brain?” I can think of lots of people who could use a new brain but not for medical reasons. … Continue reading

The Virtues of an Irritant

The world’s largest pearl is the “Pearl of Lao Tzu.” It was found in an oyster off the coast of Palawan in 1934 and weighs a whopping 14 lbs. and is nearly 32,000 carats. That’s a lot of pearl. Pearls are marvelous things. They begin as just a grain of sand, an irritant that slips … Continue reading

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What readers are saying about A THOUSAND SLEEPLESS NIGHTS . . .

I have not been so deeply and utterly moved by a book in a very long time. A Thousand Sleepless Nights is a powerful and gripping novel that moved me greatly.
--Susan S.

A Thousand Sleeples Nights left me speechless as my heart and mind reconciled dealing with the trauma of cancer and a lifetime of regrets and finding God in the midst of it all. Sometimes a diagnosis of cancer can be God’s redemption.
--Jill J.

An emotionally steeped blessing of a story. One that pulled at my heart with one hand while holding a convicting mirror in the other.
--John U.

Great job. I hope and pray this book does for others what it did for me.
--Terri C.

I read A Thousand Sleepless Nights twice because it was that good. A very emotional story of a dysfunctional family, cancer, redemption and healing.
--Pat R.

I can really see how [this book] will be a blessing to many who have to face the devestation of cancer and loss.
--Tina H.

A Thousand Sleepless Nights will tug at your deepest emotions as it unfolds the evil of cancer and the power of relationships. The characters are endearing, real and relatable, as is the true battles they fight: illness, apathy, love, commitment and balancing life. King's novel strikes a vein, and sends hope to the heart of the matter--a fine read for anyone in need of healing.
--Donnalynn D.

This is a stirring novel that paints a great picture of cancer and its effects on not only those who have it, but their families and friends.
--Mark B.

A Thousand Sleepless Nights moved me so deeply I could not leave it alone until I’d read it completely. This bittersweet tale of illness--both physical and emotional--and the way lives are ultimately changed by its effects makes it a story for everyone, especially for those struggling to find forgiveness and healing.
--Claudette W.

A Thousand Sleepless Nights is a novel that touches you on a deep emotional level. It is a beautiful story about surviving, suffering, and what the true meaning of love is and how cancer, while devastating, can pull together a family torn apart by a past of neglect. A beautiful masterpiece!
--Joshua R.


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