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10 Ways to Totally Frustrate Your Kids

Looking to frustrate your kids? It’s not hard, they seem to always be on the edge of some cliff that drops off into an abyss of angst. And it only takes a little nudge to send them tumbling. Then you and your spouse can sit back and be satisfied that you played an integral role … Continue reading

Family Friday: Making Time for Family

Things have changed since I was a kid. No doubt, you feel the same way. I don’t remember life being so busy, families so strained by obligations outside the home. When we had our first daughter thirteen years ago I swore I would never let that happen, never let family time become something we had … Continue reading

Family Friday: 3 Ways to Improve Your Marriage

I’ve been wanting to do this for some time and haven’t. Partly because I thought about it when I didn’t have time and when I did have time I didn’t think about it and partly because I honestly just didn’t want to know what the outcome would be. I sat my kids down and asked … Continue reading

Family Friday: Summertime Activities to Keep Everyone Moving

Looking for something to do this summer that keeps you together as a family and keeps you moving? Summer is a great time to exercise and a great time to strengthen those family bonds. Below is an article I wrote for More to Life Magazine that gives some suggestions for family activities. A suggestion: Be … Continue reading

6 Ways to Build Confidence (and Conquer the World)

It was time for those awful standardized tests. You remember the ones. The #2 pencils, the timer, the endless questions, the pressure, the teacher saying, “Time’s up. Pencils down. Tests closed.” The thought of it makes my palms sweat and stomach twist into a knot. Well, for homeschooled kids the test is taken on the … Continue reading

Family Friday: How to Have a Long Marriage

Today I’m introducing a new series of posts I’m calling “Family Friday.” Every Friday I’ll post snippets of honest-to-goodness family life. Sometimes it’ll be an anecdote, sometimes a spattering of quotes, maybe a poll I conduct very informally, maybe something else. But it will always have to do with family living, the joys, the pains, … Continue reading

Someone Has to Die

A couple years ago I was driving the girls to the store and my seven-year-old saw a man with a prosthetic leg. She stared for a while then said, “Dad, can they give someone a new brain?” I can think of lots of people who could use a new brain but not for medical reasons. … Continue reading

The 3 Things That Matter the Most

I used to be pretty high-strung. Used to be. Four years ago I went through cancer. That tends to change the way you view the world, the way you view yourself and your place in the world, and the way you view God and His place in your life. It changes your perspective, your values. … Continue reading

Stay on the Rock!

We’ve been going to Gettysburg battlefield on a semi-regular basis for picnics for years. But one outing in particular stands out to me. It was a perfect Spring day; the sky was brilliant blue with only an occasional cottonball cloud drifting by.  The air was crisp and cool like a proper Spring day should be. … Continue reading

The Most Important Job in the World!

I have found the most important job in the world. It’s people oriented. No experience necessary. On-the-job training. Full-time; and I mean really full-time. But there is no benefit package: no vacation time, no sick days, and no personal days. The job is thankless, tiring, and demanding. You’re always on call, there’s always plenty to do, and never enough time to … Continue reading

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What readers are saying about A THOUSAND SLEEPLESS NIGHTS . . .

I have not been so deeply and utterly moved by a book in a very long time. A Thousand Sleepless Nights is a powerful and gripping novel that moved me greatly.
--Susan S.

A Thousand Sleeples Nights left me speechless as my heart and mind reconciled dealing with the trauma of cancer and a lifetime of regrets and finding God in the midst of it all. Sometimes a diagnosis of cancer can be God’s redemption.
--Jill J.

An emotionally steeped blessing of a story. One that pulled at my heart with one hand while holding a convicting mirror in the other.
--John U.

Great job. I hope and pray this book does for others what it did for me.
--Terri C.

I read A Thousand Sleepless Nights twice because it was that good. A very emotional story of a dysfunctional family, cancer, redemption and healing.
--Pat R.

I can really see how [this book] will be a blessing to many who have to face the devestation of cancer and loss.
--Tina H.

A Thousand Sleepless Nights will tug at your deepest emotions as it unfolds the evil of cancer and the power of relationships. The characters are endearing, real and relatable, as is the true battles they fight: illness, apathy, love, commitment and balancing life. King's novel strikes a vein, and sends hope to the heart of the matter--a fine read for anyone in need of healing.
--Donnalynn D.

This is a stirring novel that paints a great picture of cancer and its effects on not only those who have it, but their families and friends.
--Mark B.

A Thousand Sleepless Nights moved me so deeply I could not leave it alone until I’d read it completely. This bittersweet tale of illness--both physical and emotional--and the way lives are ultimately changed by its effects makes it a story for everyone, especially for those struggling to find forgiveness and healing.
--Claudette W.

A Thousand Sleepless Nights is a novel that touches you on a deep emotional level. It is a beautiful story about surviving, suffering, and what the true meaning of love is and how cancer, while devastating, can pull together a family torn apart by a past of neglect. A beautiful masterpiece!
--Joshua R.


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